Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sugar Daddies

Younger woman dates older man. This is an age-old concept that has been practiced for so long . In the days of yore , kings, politicians, tax collectors, artists, and other famous people have been known to secure women who are significantly younger in age as their lady-friends, courtesans, and some even become their brides .

Nowadays, they are called sugar daddies . Older, affluent men who are more than happy to shower younger women with gifts . And why not ? If they have the means, and if they are consenting adults , and for as long as it pleases them both , then they can date for their own reasons . The daddies get their arm candy , and the ladies get their goods.

So,  if you see those mature guys who date asian women , you probably stereotype them as gold digging leeches who are out to milk their older partners for every penny they've got.

That is probably not the case.

Because  if the set-up will go beyond what it was originally intended for , then age will just become a number . And the attraction will run deeper than what can be explained by logic.

Unbeknownst to them , it could be a match made in heaven. Younger women like men who can provide emotionally and financially. The men, who are visual creatures, will get their eye-candy and sexually charged younger women.

The downside to these relationships though will be that time and again, both parties will need to explain to others that their relationship is actually based on love and admiration—and nothing insincere.

So, to summarize , sometimes, older is better. With age comes experience, which is why many younger women will always want to date older men.