Monday, July 29, 2013

The Crazy Things You Do When Nobody's Looking

“Isla , come here a minute “.It was a guy I fondly called “Bossing” , my security guard friend , calling me .

I have worked the night shifts in that office for a while now, doing customer service for an Asian dating site.

He motioned me over to his desk where there were about a dozen surveillance monitors , showing different entry and exit points in the building .

I stared at one screen and saw something that made my heart skip a beat It was unmistakably my coffee mug.

“Omg , that’s my workstation”. The camera was aimed right at my desk which was situated near the entrance door.

I suddenly tried to recall the number of times I hid crumpled paper , junk food wrappers , soda cans , cigarettes , tissue , make-up,  and all kinds of junk behind my desk .

I can even recall logging into my date in   account , checking out who messaged me and what-not , removing my shoes , adjusting my bra, and doing God knows what else.

 I might even have picked my nose and stuck the booger under the table, when I ran out of tissue paper .

“Bossing “, tell me what crazy shit you’ve seen me doing ? ”

He just grinned and said ” I like it when you remove your shoes , hike up your skirt and put lotion all over your feet up to your thighs.

And he was right. It is like a daily ritual for me, while having my usual cup of coffee, I would massage my feet before starting my day at work.

I hope I was wearing nice undies that time ! Haha !

And to this very day, I still wonder why they haven’t placed a trash bin underneath my desk.

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