Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Traits That Asian Women Possess

These are some of the traits that Asian women possess.  

They are naturally slim, attractive , graceful, and very feminine

They are faithful and loyal to their men . In some Asian countries, divorce is not even an option..
They treat men like men and they like to be treated as a woman, not as an equal.
They enjoy doing household chores and do not expect their husbands to help them.

They are generally happy , they laugh at their problems . Anti depressant drugs are never heard of in most parts of Asia..

They don't care about name brand clothing or expensive restaurants especially the ones
coming from poor families , who they tend to be more appreciative and unspoiled.

She is low key and lives quite modestly, preferring to save money rather than live beyond her means,  very importantly, she recognizes the importance of honesty  in any relationship.

They are always responsive, loving and caring.
They choose a partner by his personality, what he is like inside, not by how much money he has or how handsome he is.

They respect the elderly.

They place great value on family , family ties , and their beliefs are grounded deeply in culture and religion.
Even Asian women who have migrated and have been "westernized" have these values ingrained within them.

The Asian woman make loving , doting, dutiful , and beautiful wives.