Monday, July 29, 2013

What To Do On A First Date With An Asian Girl

You’ve found your perfect dateofasia dream girl and you’re wanting to take her out on your first date, but before you do anything stupid that may scare her away, here are a few things to keep in mind :

A few hours before the date , do something that relaxes you . Exercise, read, sing in the shower, whatever puts you in a happy mood.

Do not wear strong perfume. It may be offensive to her , and she may remember you not because of the time she spent with you , but because of that strong, smelly perfume.

Wear a nice pair of shoes . Please take note, Asian ladies are generally shy and may not, at first , look you in the eye .Thus, they may look down most of the time, and will notice what shoes you’re wearing , or if you’re wearing nice, clean socks .

Make a list of conversation starters .Ask her questions about her pet , taste in music, good movies she’s watched lately, favorite thing to do outdoors. Do not ask her what type of men she likes , because she might think you are disrespectful . Remember, Asian women do not talk about men because they think it is cheap, and unladylike.  Remember these and read the front page of the newspaper, too.

Choose someplace that will be special to your date. If you're not sure what  she will like, ask her. You may want to take her out to eat someplace unique and out of the ordinary (no McDonald’s on Kenny Roger’s please, that will only leave a bad taste in her mouth , literally).

Greet  her with a small gift. For example, a small box of chocolates or a single rose. This is even better if you know what types of flowers or candies your date's favorites are. Never do anything big on the first date. Save some of the surprises on your future dates ( if there will be any ).

The rule of thumb is that you pay for the date . If you don’t , your Asian lady may think that you are scrimping on her, and may feel that she is not worth a buck.

Ask questions about the life of your date. Listen to her talk and do not overtalk.

If you are confident that you have a sense of humor and intelligence, make her laugh.
Asian women love to laugh and are generally happy. They like to keep their drama to themselves.

Pay your date compliments . Tell her how nice she looks , and what a pretty outfit she’s wearing , but do not say anything insincere like “ Oh I love the print on that dress you’re wearing, while staring at her breasts” .

And lastly, do not, by any means, kiss her without her permission because |Asian ladies are very conservative .You  might just end up with a nice , big  slap on the face , or a glorious black eye.

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