Monday, July 8, 2013

A More Affluent Lifestyle For Westerners Living In South East Asia

When you're a westerner living in Southeast Asia , you live an affluent lifestyle fit for royals  because the cost of living and basic necessities are generally cheap thus, your US dollar or Euro has more purchasing power.

You can party with your friends , get excellent customer service , and not worry about getting a ridiculously high bill because the cost is significantly lower than what it would be if you party in say, the major cities in the west.

Just imagine, a ten dollar tip would be equivalent to an entire day's pay of a waiter, hotel clerk , or service crew.

The  people all over Asia are generally friendly , charming , and happy. Even despite the face that these people have weathered rough economic times , revolutions,  natural disasters and calamities , oppression and colonization from the west , people still display  an optimistic and very positive outlook in life .

Interracial relationships are commonplace and widely accepted , and foreigners who marry , or date asian women  are well-respected and highly-revered.

As an added bonus, you will get the chance to visit incredible places that you cannot find anywhere else in the world - frolicking on pristine white beaches , backpacking across the mountain ranges  , or just checking out the ancient temples that are scattered all throughout the region .

Southeast Asia is an incredible melting pot of culture, religion , customs , traditions , languages and lifestyles to immerse yourself in .

And since these people preserve and value their traditions many of them still retain their rituals habits and practices, even though they have become slowly "westernized" . In the Philippines for instance, children still kiss the hands of the elderly as a sign of respect . In India and Burma , arranged marriages are still common.

Living in Asia means living a life free of debt . The high value of the US dollar and Euro means more purchasing power , more freedom to spend with less monetary constraints,and when there is more money, it equates to more power.

And the best part of living in Southeast Asia is it's perpetually summer, all year round. No long cold winters here. If it gets too hot and humid, you can always turn on the A/C and not worry about the electricity bill because hey, you can afford it. It’s cheap ! .