Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Is It Right To Find A Date Online ?

People can still be hesitant to use online dating services. A friend of mine finally decided to try something new to change her love life. Since none of the conventional ways seemed to work out well for her, she agreed to let me talk her through a date in asia signup .

She still doesn't believe that anything good can come out of it, but we did spend the whole evening reading men's profiles and looking through their pictures,

Everything was the same old story  : shy guys have just one “selfie” picture, usually taken as a reflection in the mirror .

Another thing that we noticed  is that nearly half of these profile descriptions start with a detailed explanation of why they decided to try dating online .

My observations made me think a lot about why people are so ashamed of using dating sites. One of the obvious reasons that came to mind is that somewhere deep inside we all still dream of meeting that “special someone “ in a magical way.

Though we also know that happy ever after doesn't exist, we still want this first meeting to be somewhat like well, magic.

However, when you go online in order to find the love of your life, it is by no means unexpected or magical. You know exactly why you are there - you are searching for your partner among a gazillion profiles.

You can't make up your mind about whom to accept right away, because you don't know how to choose from all the registered users who messaged you.

Yes, sometimes these sites can be very disappointing; however, the advantages definitely outnumber the disadvantages.

There's nothing to be ashamed of , the world has changed. It is probably way harder to meet somebody nowadays, because of the crazy pace at which we live our lives , nobody wastes even a second.

If you commute everyday, you must have seen that each person is either staring at their cell phones, listening to music with their earbuds in , or simply lost in a world of their own.

It is tough out there in the real world and using dating services online is not a bad idea.

It's just going along with the trend.

Filling Out An Online Dating Profile

What used to be a  shameful stigma attached to meeting a man online is gone, To those who still think that meeting your partner via your partner is embarrassing, unromantic, or the last resort: it’s about time to leave the past behind and welcome to the new world. The world of online dating.

But does online dating really work?

For me, there was only one way to find out.

So,I created an online profile, which took more time, thought, and energy than I expected.

With a can of coke and chips in hand, I then started my dateinasia signup , and filled out as much information as I can, with the intent of making my profile as real as possible.

Just picking the right photos took almost an hour , and creating the tag line and profile description took even longer.

As I wrote, I heard the critical voice in my head telling me that I was making myself sound boring and no one would ever be interested in me.

Then I moved on to what to say about my job . I did not want to mention even the slightest hint of the fact that I’m a part-time writer anywhere on my profile.

As a writer who writes very personal and honest essays, the last thing I want a prospective date to ask me is, “So, what do you write?”

I couldn’t say, “ Well, there’s this article I wrote regarding  “ The brutal truth about penis enlargers”.

That would definitely scare them away.

The deeper I got into the process, the more I realized that I wanted to find a man online.

So, I took careful consideration in filling out what I wanted and needed in a partner , and height was the least of it.

Standing at 5’2 on my bare feet, I was confident that I would not have difficulty finding matches in a site dominated by tall white males.

Reading over my completed profile, I felt happy with it and satisfied, like I’d done what I’d set out to do It wasn’t the most amazing profile and I wasn’t the most exciting, adventurous  person on the internet. My profile was quiet and subtle, authentic and funny giving just a glimpse of who I truly am.

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Crazy Things You Do When Nobody's Looking

“Isla , come here a minute “.It was a guy I fondly called “Bossing” , my security guard friend , calling me .

I have worked the night shifts in that office for a while now, doing customer service for an Asian dating site.

He motioned me over to his desk where there were about a dozen surveillance monitors , showing different entry and exit points in the building .

I stared at one screen and saw something that made my heart skip a beat It was unmistakably my coffee mug.

“Omg , that’s my workstation”. The camera was aimed right at my desk which was situated near the entrance door.

I suddenly tried to recall the number of times I hid crumpled paper , junk food wrappers , soda cans , cigarettes , tissue , make-up,  and all kinds of junk behind my desk .

I can even recall logging into my date in asia.com   account , checking out who messaged me and what-not , removing my shoes , adjusting my bra, and doing God knows what else.

 I might even have picked my nose and stuck the booger under the table, when I ran out of tissue paper .

“Bossing “, tell me what crazy shit you’ve seen me doing ? ”

He just grinned and said ” I like it when you remove your shoes , hike up your skirt and put lotion all over your feet up to your thighs.

And he was right. It is like a daily ritual for me, while having my usual cup of coffee, I would massage my feet before starting my day at work.

I hope I was wearing nice undies that time ! Haha !

And to this very day, I still wonder why they haven’t placed a trash bin underneath my desk.

What To Do On A First Date With An Asian Girl

You’ve found your perfect dateofasia dream girl and you’re wanting to take her out on your first date, but before you do anything stupid that may scare her away, here are a few things to keep in mind :

A few hours before the date , do something that relaxes you . Exercise, read, sing in the shower, whatever puts you in a happy mood.

Do not wear strong perfume. It may be offensive to her , and she may remember you not because of the time she spent with you , but because of that strong, smelly perfume.

Wear a nice pair of shoes . Please take note, Asian ladies are generally shy and may not, at first , look you in the eye .Thus, they may look down most of the time, and will notice what shoes you’re wearing , or if you’re wearing nice, clean socks .

Make a list of conversation starters .Ask her questions about her pet , taste in music, good movies she’s watched lately, favorite thing to do outdoors. Do not ask her what type of men she likes , because she might think you are disrespectful . Remember, Asian women do not talk about men because they think it is cheap, and unladylike.  Remember these and read the front page of the newspaper, too.

Choose someplace that will be special to your date. If you're not sure what  she will like, ask her. You may want to take her out to eat someplace unique and out of the ordinary (no McDonald’s on Kenny Roger’s please, that will only leave a bad taste in her mouth , literally).

Greet  her with a small gift. For example, a small box of chocolates or a single rose. This is even better if you know what types of flowers or candies your date's favorites are. Never do anything big on the first date. Save some of the surprises on your future dates ( if there will be any ).

The rule of thumb is that you pay for the date . If you don’t , your Asian lady may think that you are scrimping on her, and may feel that she is not worth a buck.

Ask questions about the life of your date. Listen to her talk and do not overtalk.

If you are confident that you have a sense of humor and intelligence, make her laugh.
Asian women love to laugh and are generally happy. They like to keep their drama to themselves.

Pay your date compliments . Tell her how nice she looks , and what a pretty outfit she’s wearing , but do not say anything insincere like “ Oh I love the print on that dress you’re wearing, while staring at her breasts” .

And lastly, do not, by any means, kiss her without her permission because |Asian ladies are very conservative .You  might just end up with a nice , big  slap on the face , or a glorious black eye.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Working Girl

"Congratulations, Isla! You are hired ! " the HR manager said. I couldn't believe it ! I did it !! I was ecstatic ."Please come back tomorrow at 9 am for your pre- employment briefing , and welcome to datesofasia.   

I half-ran, half-danced through the imposing glass doors..I needed to smoke .I rummaged through my bag for a cigarette and lit one .I was inhaling the smoke deeply into my lungs .I needed to call someone .

My hands were trembling when I dialed his number ."Jet , I got hired ." .I said .

"That's wonderful sweety , I'm so proud of you." he replied ..

I was already walking outside the company gates and continued talking to him .All those months of hard work and practice paid off .I had trained very hard perfecting my English communication and writing skills to get the job I had been hoping for , a blog writer  for an Asian Dating Site.

"Jet, you can tell your mom that I'm not only good for doing laundry and washing dishes. I can be whatever I want to be , only if I work very hard for it .

"He didn't reply..The tears that were threatening to fall were falling freely now ..I was walking along the road , talking on the phone , and crying like a baby..

"You will have to tell her that, sweety. She wants to see you . She is very ill "he said .

"Jet ,I hope you understand that I don't ever wanna see her , or speak to her again , after all the things she has said and done to me ". Flashbacks of his mom, with a kitchen knife in hand made me feel very weak.

I didn't like where the conversation was heading ..

By that time, I had already reached the main gate of the business park , where the companies were located .I was out on open road now , traffic, people, dust and smog .I could barely hear his voice on the phone ."

Jet , I need to go now , I can barely hear you ". I had raised my voice up a notch , amidst the noise of traffic , and throngs of people .

"Ok. I'll call you later "he repiled. "Meanwhile, you go out and celebrate .Treat yourself .Reward yourself  for a job well done",he said.

I had disconnected the call and was walking by the side of a busy road .Thinking and remembering what had transpired in the past. The events that made me leave that place so hastily .To leave the man I loved .I suddenly didn't feel like celebrating at all. I just wanted to go home , lie down, and cry .

I was mindlessly crossing the road , when I saw a yellow car speeding toward me .

It was moving too fast, I froze..I just stood there, transfixed , horrified .

And the last thing I heard was a girl scream before I blacked out.

Safety Tips For Online Dating

After you have sucessfully registered on date of asia.com , it is important to practice several safety tips for dating online. This ensures that you can enjoy the excitement of dating, while protecting yourself from any potential perils or losses.

Filter the  personal information that you give out . This includes your last name, home address, work address, phone numbers, and other personal information.

Never purchase anything from someone else. Also, never give out your social security number and other sensitive information

Only meet with someone once you feel comfortable with that person. You should always choose a first meeting spot that is a public place. For example, a public park, a restaurant or a coffee shop are ideal public places.

Never let someone you just met online drive you home until you feel that they are trustworthy. Always trust your intuition. If you take a cab, always take note of the cab’s plate number , and text it to a friend or family member .

Always bring your cellphone .

Always tell a few friends or relatives about your date beforehand. Tell them what time you will be meeting, the venue, and other possible places you will be going to.

Thousands of people have found their soul mate, special friend, or even lifetime partner. by joining date of Asia . Regardless of what you are looking for in a relationship, online dating can provide you with that unique and lasting experience in your life.

How To Find A Good Dating Site

Oh how we wish that we have a more exciting and rewarding social life,since much of our lives is spent at work, house work , yard work , and other obligations.

We do not get much time for ourselves, but when we do, we want someone to share it with.

Therefore, no matter how hectic your life is , an online dating site is the fastest and easiest way to meet  people who share your interests and hobbies.

As most things in life, not all online dating sites are created equal. There are certain criteria that you should look for in an online dating site. And so far, based on my research , date of Asia  is one of the most popular and wholesome sites that caters primarily, but not limited to , Asian women looking friends or lifetime partners .

If you look at the site’s physical construction it has no jagged fonts, no missing graphics, and it has a nice , appealing web front design. The website itself is devoid of clutter , making the site interface very user-friendly.

Dating sites that lack attention to detail may  also lack  safety and security features.

Always check to see an online dating sites affiliations. Who the dating site is affiliated with provides insights into what type of dating site you are dealing with.

Before you start your date in Asia registration , always view the sample profiles . Just remember that if the sample profile looks and sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Also, take time to read the site’s privacy disclosure or statement at the bottom of the page. That is one good indicator that the dating site is legitimate.