Sunday, July 28, 2013

Working Girl

"Congratulations, Isla! You are hired ! " the HR manager said. I couldn't believe it ! I did it !! I was ecstatic ."Please come back tomorrow at 9 am for your pre- employment briefing , and welcome to datesofasia.   

I half-ran, half-danced through the imposing glass doors..I needed to smoke .I rummaged through my bag for a cigarette and lit one .I was inhaling the smoke deeply into my lungs .I needed to call someone .

My hands were trembling when I dialed his number ."Jet , I got hired ." .I said .

"That's wonderful sweety , I'm so proud of you." he replied ..

I was already walking outside the company gates and continued talking to him .All those months of hard work and practice paid off .I had trained very hard perfecting my English communication and writing skills to get the job I had been hoping for , a blog writer  for an Asian Dating Site.

"Jet, you can tell your mom that I'm not only good for doing laundry and washing dishes. I can be whatever I want to be , only if I work very hard for it .

"He didn't reply..The tears that were threatening to fall were falling freely now ..I was walking along the road , talking on the phone , and crying like a baby..

"You will have to tell her that, sweety. She wants to see you . She is very ill "he said .

"Jet ,I hope you understand that I don't ever wanna see her , or speak to her again , after all the things she has said and done to me ". Flashbacks of his mom, with a kitchen knife in hand made me feel very weak.

I didn't like where the conversation was heading ..

By that time, I had already reached the main gate of the business park , where the companies were located .I was out on open road now , traffic, people, dust and smog .I could barely hear his voice on the phone ."

Jet , I need to go now , I can barely hear you ". I had raised my voice up a notch , amidst the noise of traffic , and throngs of people .

"Ok. I'll call you later "he repiled. "Meanwhile, you go out and celebrate .Treat yourself .Reward yourself  for a job well done",he said.

I had disconnected the call and was walking by the side of a busy road .Thinking and remembering what had transpired in the past. The events that made me leave that place so hastily .To leave the man I loved .I suddenly didn't feel like celebrating at all. I just wanted to go home , lie down, and cry .

I was mindlessly crossing the road , when I saw a yellow car speeding toward me .

It was moving too fast, I froze..I just stood there, transfixed , horrified .

And the last thing I heard was a girl scream before I blacked out.

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