Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Is It Right To Find A Date Online ?

People can still be hesitant to use online dating services. A friend of mine finally decided to try something new to change her love life. Since none of the conventional ways seemed to work out well for her, she agreed to let me talk her through a date in asia signup .

She still doesn't believe that anything good can come out of it, but we did spend the whole evening reading men's profiles and looking through their pictures,

Everything was the same old story  : shy guys have just one “selfie” picture, usually taken as a reflection in the mirror .

Another thing that we noticed  is that nearly half of these profile descriptions start with a detailed explanation of why they decided to try dating online .

My observations made me think a lot about why people are so ashamed of using dating sites. One of the obvious reasons that came to mind is that somewhere deep inside we all still dream of meeting that “special someone “ in a magical way.

Though we also know that happy ever after doesn't exist, we still want this first meeting to be somewhat like well, magic.

However, when you go online in order to find the love of your life, it is by no means unexpected or magical. You know exactly why you are there - you are searching for your partner among a gazillion profiles.

You can't make up your mind about whom to accept right away, because you don't know how to choose from all the registered users who messaged you.

Yes, sometimes these sites can be very disappointing; however, the advantages definitely outnumber the disadvantages.

There's nothing to be ashamed of , the world has changed. It is probably way harder to meet somebody nowadays, because of the crazy pace at which we live our lives , nobody wastes even a second.

If you commute everyday, you must have seen that each person is either staring at their cell phones, listening to music with their earbuds in , or simply lost in a world of their own.

It is tough out there in the real world and using dating services online is not a bad idea.

It's just going along with the trend.

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