Saturday, July 27, 2013

Overcome Your Shyness.Find A Date Online

Imagine yourself at a party and you’re the only person sitting at the table who isn’t part of the conversation. Every time you attempt to speak , you get interrupted by someone else or even worse, ignored. And the more you try to take part of the conversation , the more awkward things get.

So you stare off into party limbo, pretend to be engrossed in your food and drink, and pull out your smartphone and start playing with it ( this is very common ).

No matter how shy you claim to be, and no matter how you would like to sit on the sidelines and be left alone, nobody wants to be ignored.

But did you know that the art of talking to strangers, is a learnable skill?

Through practice, you can go from a wall paper , to choosing your own adventure, by taking massive actions to meet new people. Get out of your tiny ,comfortable little shyness bubble and make that first move to meet people.

I used to be extremely introverted when I was growing up due to some social insecurities that I had back then. I could not even get myself to look people straight into the eyes and say “Hi”. Looking back, I realized that the reason for my shyness was due to the fact that I was afraid of being rejected, or laughed at.

But that has all changed now. I took a giant leap out of my cocoon and introduced myself to the world of online dating. I felt that this was the perfect medium to help me overcome my shyness. My goal at first was not to date. It was to meet as many people as possible. Where else would I  get one-on-one time with a total stranger without having to meet them first ? I then registered at a free site that caters to Asian women looking for romantic or friendly associations.

And it sure did help me overcome my shyness. It helped me save the difficulty of having to introduce myself simply because my information is already published in my profile. It was also very convenient for me because I can browse through profiles of other members and find out about their own pursuits and interests. And the best part of it is that I can simply sit in front of my computer and talk to people at my leisure.

Since then, I have met a lot of interesting people , been to many different places , and has been transformed from a woodworm , to a social butterfly.

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