Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why Interracial Marriages With Filipinas Are Successful

A large percentage of interracial marriages involve Western men and Filipina women .It’s no suprise why , in  a lot of Asian dating sites , Filipinas come out as the better choice.

So why are women in the Philippines so beautiful?

It’s the combination of physical attributes which are complemented with their priceless inner features. Filipinas are beautiful inside and outside, a rare combination in today’s world.

Online dating sites like dateinasia provides a venue for single men from the west looking for a Filipina friend or partner.

There are reasons why marriages between Filipina women and Western men appear to be more sturdy and more successful than Westerners’ marriages.

The first reason  is that there is no divorce in the Philippines thus, Filipina women are commited to their partners for life. No backing out of the contract here, when the going gets rough.

The second reason is that Filipina women are much more desirable among others because of their physical attributes .Although primarily of Asian heritage, a Filipina has a mix of Malay, Chinese, and Spanish origin. And just like most Asian women, she is  slender and petite , a body type that may not be very common in the west ..

The third reason is that  they let their husbands be “the husbands” and act like the man of the household .She will respect her husband’s decisions and goals, and be very supportive of his endeavors and not dominate the household.

Filipinas also make excellent homemakers. They prefer staying at home to take care for the family than spending time shopping, or hanging out with their girlfriends.

And lastly, Filipinas are humble and understanding. And that is, in my opinion, the attribute that half of a couple should possess, to have a long and lasting relationship.

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